Geru Maa - The self-mastered person One grounded in Maatian (Ancient Egyptian) ethics. A follower ofThe Way of Life or The Good Way. One who by his or her own righteousness has been given eternal life. A glorious spirit, triumphant and vindicated.  Read more

Diversity in Comics: Defining Afrofuturism, Afro-Blackness and The Black Fantastic

Edit Post TextThe 4th Annual Black Comic Book Festival at the Schomburg Center of Black Research in Harlem had an overwhelming amount of attendees and comic books enthusiasts come out to support black comic book publishers, writers and illustrators.  Roughly 5,700 attendees were present this yeas as opposed to last year when about 2,500 attendees came out. In one year, the Black Comic Book Festival doubled its patron traffic and there were a lot of vendors that sold a lot of goods before the festival was even over. Why is the black “geek” and “nerd” culture becoming so popular now? Not that is has ever been unpopular but it seems it’s becoming more mainstream and almost expected amongst certain black creative types. Read more

Art, Futurism, and the Black Imagination 

The more than 100 works of art by 87 artists in Unveiling Visions: The Alchemy of the Black Imagination might seem like just another exhibition on Afrofuturism, an aesthetic and political concept that has gained global popularity in recent years. It describes an emergent strand of black cultural production that combines science fiction elements to imagine alternative visions—sometimes reparative, sometimes not—of the black experience in the past, present, and future. Indeed, recent group exhibitions confirm that Afrofuturism is part and parcel of the zeitgeist. Add current trends concerning human and technological obsolescence, time, futurity, and economic and ecological forecasting and you have a full picture of what plagues our collective consciousness. What makes Unveiling Visions unique is its foregrounding of the relation between design, material culture, and the centrality of black radicalism to contemporary conversations about racial politics. Read more