Founded by Publisher Kamal Shariff, Numidian Force is an Afrofuturistic comic book combining elements of Classical Nile Valley Civilizations (Egypt-Nubia) and cosmologies into an exciting and compelling science fiction, speculative narrative featuring Black action-adventure supers/heroes.


A serial creative entrepreneur, Kamal is a major contributor to the Independent Black Comic Movement. Published under the imprint Kamite Comics,  Numidian Force was the first independently published, full color,  Black supers/heroe team comic published in the United States and distributed throughout North America (US and Canada).


Numidian Force has been featured on television, radio and print media including BET, CNN, WGBH (Boston), WCVB (Boston), The Boston Globe, Boston Herald,  Atlanta Journal Constitution, Chicago Tribune, The Commercial Appeal, WKYS/NBC (Washington, D.C.) and numerous other outlets. Numidian Force was recently nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award from the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (2016).


Digital copies of the original Numidian Force Comic (Numidian Force Classic) are currently available on Amazon Kindle, Magzter, and Gumroad.


With new character designs and stories, Kamite Comix is currently planning the re-launch of Numidian Force with its exciting three part origin story series ‘Kushite Chronicles: History and Origin of the Numidian Force’.