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KNOWN RELATIVES: Takkara (mother), Sunlock, (father).

PLACE OF BIRTH; Napata, Meroe

BASE OF OPERATIONS: Travels the UniVerse in the Spacecraft Usiri

GROUP AFFILIATION: Member of the Numidian Force

SKILLS & ABILITIES: Dreadlock attended the University of Waset where he studied engineering technology, materials science and motion physics. He is in suprerb phyiscal condition and his natural strength level enables him to lift 750 lbls.   Dreadlock is also a graduate of the Department of Protective Sciences (DPS)Academy Officer Training School where he  studied military science and leadership.  He practices the martial arts styles of Lamb (wrestling) and Dambe (boxing).


 SUPERHUMAN POWERS: After attaining the 'Numidian Force' following his Initiation into the Meroetic Mystery System (Numidian Force Issue #6), Dreadlock's hair can emit fiber optic beams. His hearing range was augmented to span several galaxies and he can lift 10 tons with ease.

BIOGRAPHY: Dreadlock is the son of Sunlock and Takkara, First Generation Meroites who became stranded on Ina Maka and members of the Maatian Federation. Dreadlock was the primary subject of Numidian Force Classic (Issues #1- #6) as he prepared for and finally achieved his superpowers after undergoing Initiatian into the Meroetic Mystery System.

HEIGHT: 6 "6"

WEIGHT: 265 Ibs.

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Reddish Brown

MISSION: To identify and locate the lost earth-based civilization of Meroe.

MOTTO: "I'm Right and Exact!"

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