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KNOWN RELATIVES: Aminah (mother), Shebitku, (father).

PLACE OF BIRTH; Napata, Meroe

BASE OF OPERATIONS: Travels the UniVerse in the Spacecraft Usiri

GROUP AFFILIATION: Member of the Numidian Force

SKILLS & ABILITIES: Karnak's intelligence level ranks above average. He attended the University of Waset where he studied architectural engineering, civic planning, anthropology, archeology, and geology. He also attended the Department of Protective Sciences (DPS)where he   studied miltary science and leadership. Karnak can surpass his natural strength evel by utilizing a regimen taught to him by the scholar-priests of Napata enabling him to lift at least five tons. He practices the martial arts style known as Ngolo.

WEAPONS AND INTRUMENTS: Karnak's staff has the ability to give and extract life forces. The staff also provides him with the ability to communicate with the Maatian Federation in top secret communications as commander of Task Force Dogon, the fleet commissioned to find Meroe. Karnak's adjustable vision sensors can penetrate the depths of space across millions of light years with pinpoint accuracy. They also enable him to make split second adjustments while flying.

 SUPERHUMAN POWERS: In addition to his superhuman strength, Karnak's superpowers include the ability to fly and run at speeds in excess of the speed of light.

BIOGRAPHY: Karna is the son of Queen Aminah and King Shebitku, part of the first generation Meroites who became stranded on the planet Ina Maka in what was expected to be a routine space exploration mission. When Karnak was born it was prophesied that Queen Aminha had given birth to a child who would play an important role in finding Meroe. Thus, early on, the program of rigorous physical and mental training Karnak would undergo was already decided.  King Shebitku commanded the spacecraft Sakkarra that was forced to land on Ina Maka after it became stranded in a black hole in space and where the Maatian Federation was formed.

HEIGHT: 6 "5"

WEIGHT: 225 Ibs.

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Black

MISSION: To identify and locate the lost earth-based civilization of Meroe.

MOTTO: "I come correct!"