Master sage (Rekhmira) the Geru Maa


The Self-Mastered Person

Occupation: Counselor, teacher, philosopher. Mentor and guide to the Numidian Force. Honorary member of the Maatian Federation.

Marital Status: Widower

Known Relatives: None

Place of Birth: Meroe

Base of Operations: Planet Ina Maka. Master Sage also transports between the spaceships of Task Force Dogon: The Usiri, Orion Nebula and Galactic Andromeda.

Group Affiliation: Member of the Maatian Federation. Spiritual advisor to the Numidian Force.

Supermortal Powers: Called The Master of Forms, Master Sage was assessed ‘true of voice’ by Djehuti (Thoth) and is able to transform himself into any animate or spiritual form he chooses.

Biography: Master Sage, whose official name is Rekhmira, is a ‘Geru Maa,’ a self- mastered person who attained Immortal status, the highest level of spirituality, upon being vindicated before the nine member male and female judicial panel in the Great Hall of Djehuti (Thoth).





In Quest of the Payland

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In Quest of the Payland                      Issue #1

The First Conflict now concluded, the Chief Adversary - the Teukrians- are sentenced to death by purgatory in the Land of Amenta. Guided by Master Sage, Dreadlock prepares for the Initiation that will grant him the powers to become a full fledged member of the Numidian Force!

The Isle of Trampling

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The Isle of Trampling                           Issue #2

Separated from the Numidian Force, SeeBa finds herself on a mysterious planet battling Anait's elite air corps. Meanwhile, the warlike Magogolith prepares to enter Amenta in an effort to free his cohorts, the Teukrians. Who is Anait? Why is she filled with such resentment, convinced that Dreadlock "stole her birthright?" And Magogolith?


Enemies of the living Death             Issue #3

Pursuing Magogolith, the Numidian Force enter the mysterious Land of Amenta. Their mission: Prevent the escape of the Chief Adversaries which could have devastating consequences for Dreadlock! Upon entering Amenta, Yin Yang has an emotional re-union with his father, Colonel Keb, whose life forces were extracted by MarTu, leader of the Teukrians.

The Return of Martu

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The Return of Martu                            Issue #4

Yin Yang hopes to rescue his father, Colonel Keb, from the dreadful Land of Amenta. Magogolith seeks to liberate his confederates, Martu, Thorn, and Setun. Having overcome the Apap (Devourers of Souls), the Numidian Force prepare for an epic battle to prevent the escape of the Teukrians in 'The Return of Martu!'

To Die Again                                             Issue #5

In the action packed 'To Die Again' the drama continues in the Land Amenta. The Numidian Force encounter the Teukrians engaging them in battle, but, thanks to Magogolith, they finally escape from Amenta through the sacred passageway of Tuat.

The Initiation of Dreadlock            Issue #6

In the exciting conclusion, Dreadlock reflects on the events preceding his Initiation into the Meroitic Mystery System and the full use of his superpowers.  Peace restored on Khemnua II's Nukhl Valley, cosmic forces in perfect alignment, a hawk's head appears as Dreadlock emerges from the 7th and final stage which can only mean success for "The Initiation of Dreadlock"!

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Numidian Force Classic


Issue #6

The First Conflict, now concluded, the Chief Adversary, the Teukrians, are sentenced to death by purgatory in the Land of Amenta. Guided by Master Sage, Dreadlock prepares for the Initiation that will grant him the powers to become a full fledged member of the Numidian Force!

Of humble origins, Master Sage is a descendant of the Dogon people known their complex cosmogony and discovery of Sirius B, the white dwarf companion star of Sirius A which is invisible to the naked eye. The Dogon returned to the Nile Valley (Meroe) after migrating from the central plateau of ancient Mali.


Rekhmira (Master Sage) entered the ‘House of Life’ scribal schools where he quickly distinguished himself rising through the Napatan civil service to the rank of Prime Minister, Chief Physician, Chief Judge and a trusted advisor to King Taharaqa and Queen Kashta. He served as personal tutor to Karnak’s father Shebitus (Luxor) who personally requested that Rhekmira oversee Karnak’s academic and spiritual development.


Master Sage was on board the spacecraft Sakkara when it entered the mysterious black hole and became stranded on Ina Maka. He instructs through personal example and  through maxims, fables, tales and symbols in the manner of the African griot but he is equally capable of holding forth and engaging in dialogue on all levels of philosophical and scientific discourse. No one knows his exact age.


First Appearance: Numidian Force Issue #1 ' In Quest of the Payland'