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KNOWN RELATIVES: Tamerit (sister), Kashta (mother), Taharqa (father).

PLACE OF BIRTH; Napata, Meroe

BASE OF OPERATIONS: Spacecraft Galatic Andromeda

GROUP AFFILIATION: Member of the Numidian Force

SKILLS & ABILITIES: Seeba possesses the skill, grace and muscle control of an accomplished gymnast. She is a martial artist having attained the rank of Purplse Slash which is the equivalent of a third degree black belt. At the University of Waset,  Seeba graduated with a degree in aeronautical and space science. 

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Seeba can levitate above ground for extended periods of time. She speaks SENZAR - "Words of Power" and by chanting certain magical words can bring animate and inanimate objects to life. 

BIOGRAPHY: Seeba's parent's Kashta and Taharqa were originally rulers in Meroe and accompanied the First Generation on the fateful mission that lead them to become stranded on the planet Ina Maka. By tradition, Seeba was taught the secret language of Senzar by the women elders of the Dogon who resettled in Meroe. 

HEIGHT: 5"5"

WEIGHT: 130 Ilbs.

EYES: Green

HAIR: Dark Brown

MISSION:  To Find Meroe

MOTTO:  "I'm on a Mission!"

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