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KNOWN RELATIVES: Seeba (sister), Kashta (mother), Taharqa (father).

PLACE OF BIRTH; Napata, Meroe

BASE OF OPERATIONS: Spacecraft Orion Nebula

GROUP AFFILIATION: Member of the Numidian Force

SKILLS & ABILITIES: Tamerit can fly at high altitudes and has a perfect audio-visual memory. She forgets nothing that she sees or hears. Tamerit attended the University of Waset where she studied astronomy, mathematics and artifical intelligence. She also attended the Department of Protective Sciences (DPS) Officer Training Academy where she studied miitary science and leadership. Tamerit's martial arts style is Capoeira which combines acrobatics, music and dance.

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Tamerit can fly at high altitutdes with the ability to reach the atmosphere of any given planet.

BIOGRAPHY: Tamerit's parent's Kashta and Taharqa were originally rulers in Meroe and accompanied the First Generation on the fateful mission that left them stranded on the planet Ina Maka. Tamerit is renowned for her ability to chart and name all the galaxies of the known universe including newborn, living and dead stars. She has been unable to solve "The Great Mystery" known as Project X which is the location of the galaxy or parallel universe in which the planet Ina Maka is located and which must be solved before the Numidian Force can find Meroe. 

HEIGHT: 5"9"

WEIGHT: 135 Ilbs.

EYES: Light Brown

HAIR: Black

MISSION:  To Find Meroe

MOTTO:  "I'm In Effect!"

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