Member of the Kurgans

Kurgan dossier


THORN | Senior Advisor: Science and Technology

First Appearance: Numidian Force #1 'In Quest of the Payland'

NAME: Thorn

OCCUPATION: Chief Science and Technology Advisor to Martu




BASE OF OPERATIONS: As with other Kurgans, Thorn is a nomad with no fixed abode. He was born in the desert on the outskirts of Meroe and travels the UniVerse with his cohorts to disrupt the Numidian Force from finding Meroe.

GROUP AFFILIATION: Member of the Kurgans

SUPERNORMAL ABILITIES: Thorn possesses superhuman strength and is able to lift several tons. The thorns in his head, upper torso and hands are retractable and can be activated and used as defensive weapons in case of attack as well as projectiles that can cut through wood, rock and steel.

HISTORY: A biochemical engineer and Thorn fought on the side of the Meroites during the First Conflict. He served as Martu's chief research assistant helping him to create the dreaded Kru-Madnids. Siding with Martu during the Days of Isfet, Thorn was banished to Inna Maka's northern regions after having his life forces extracted in a ceremony presided over by Dreadlock.

HEIGHT: 6 "9"

WEIGHT: 265 Ibs.

EYES: Cold Grey