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Fact File


KNOWN RELATIVES: Tun-Sun (mother), Commander Keb, (father)

PLACE OF BIRTH: Napata, Meroe

BASE OF OPERATIONS: Travels the UniVerse in the Spacecraft Usiri

GROUP AFFILIATION: Member of the Numidian Force

SKILLS & ABILITIES: Yin Yang studied medicine, energy physics and economics at the University of Waset. He is a graduate of the Department of Protective Sciences Academy (DPS)Officer Training School established by his father, Commander Keb, where he  studied military science and leadership. Yin Yang developed a unique martial arts system by combining 10 traditional African protective sciences including: Tahtib (stick fighting), Nuba (wrestling) Ngolo (leg movement and wrestling), Istunka (mock fighting, weapons and armor), Lamb (wrestling), Donga (long stick), Dambe (boxing), Nguni (two sticks), Musangwe (bare fist boxing and fighting) and Capoeira into a system called Tawahido.

WEAPONS AND INSTRUMENTS: Yin Yang utilizes three primary weapons: the three sectional staff, the sword, and the long staff.

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Yin Yang can harness the forces of electro-magnetic energy and can suspend himself in air for extended periods of time.

BIOGRAPHY: Yin Yang is the son of Tun-Sun and commander Keb, First Generation Meroites who became stranded on the planet Ina Maka in what was expected to be a routine space exploration mission. While still a young man, Yin Yang's father Commander Keb was killed in an ambush by his old nemesis Martu who also extracted his life forces. Yin Yang is very close to Master Sage (Rhekhmira) who became a surrogate father to him. Following the spiritual death of Commander Keb, Yin Yang devoted himself to the study and mastery of the protective sciences. From ancient scrolls and the fighting systems practiced by crew members of the spacecraft Sakkarra, Yin Yang developed the unique system of Tawahido.

HEIGHT: 6 "4"

WEIGHT: 215 Ibs.


HAIR: Black

MISSION: To identify and locate the lost earth-based civilization of Meroe.

MOTTO: " Always keep your balance!"